• .223 Processed Mixed Brass Standard Grade (250CT)

This is mixed head-stamp .223/5.56 brass, sourced from local indoor and outdoor ranges. This is fully processed and ready to load!

Standard Grade brass is sorted after processing and polishing to remove any bad cases. As with all military cases, there may be slight deflector dings on some cases.

Final inspection of the brass before loading is the end users responsibility. We add 3% extra to every order to insure you get more than enough brass that meets your standards.

All the brass has been:

  • Liquid Washed
  • Deprimed
  • Resized (Ran through 2 resizing dies and 5 pieces out of every 50 are checked in a Sheridan Engineering gauge throughout processing)
  • Swaged (5 out of every 50 pieces are checked with a Ballistic Tools primer pocket gauge for uniformity)
  • Trimmed with a Dillon Trimmer
  • Chamfered and deburred on a Giraud trimmer 1.750 +/- .003 (Final length will Vary as Some FC brass runs short from the Factory)
  • Polished to a high shine in Treated Corn Cob

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.223 Processed Mixed Brass Standard Grade (250CT)

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